signNow signNow will gather legally binding signatures for your clients’ documents in just minutes. This electronic signature tool is fully compliant and designed for today’s remote worker. Let us help.Have a Question?Did you know that the market for electronic signature solutions is booming? Recent statistics show that more than 6 million people use signNow every day.Gathering signatures for your company’s documents doesn’t have to be difficult. signNow will help you gather legally...

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Letssignit Create, assign and manage all your employees’ email signatures and add targeted marketing banners. Let us help.Have a Question?Leverage a centralized interface to easily create and manage the email signatures of all your employees.Stop getting worked up about your signatures! Letsignit provides a Drag & Drop Editor: simplicity of use, no need for HTML skills.Take advantage of each email to broadcast and amplify your brand.Letsignit helps you regain control...

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Manitoba Market Closure

As of May 3, 2021, The Manitoba Market is closed and our website,, is offline. We would like to thank everyone who shopped locally using The Manitoba Market, and we would also like to thank our vendors for being a part of this project. It was great to see everyone come together to support local businesses. However, we have decided to stop developing this project as it does not align with our new company vision and we want to spend more time focusing on our clients. For this...

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Membership Websites

Membership Websites Want to receive increased revenue for your services?Expand your existing website to include membership systems. Let us help.Have a Question?When you’re an entrepreneur, diversification matters! Expanding your website to include membership systems can provide your business with increased income.Membership websites are critical to the continuing success of your business.Provide custom solutions tailored to each and every client that comes your way. When...

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QuickHelp eLearning

QuickHelp eLearning QuickHelp users can access a personalized learning journey that fits their specific needs – accelerating adoption and increasing productivity and long-term value. Let us help. View Pricing Have a Question? Increase adoption & engagement while reaping the benefits of QuickHelp for Office 365.Traditional training is time-consuming, irrelevant and ineffective. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how frustrating...

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Acronis Online Backup

Acronis Online Backup Back up anything, anywhere, anytime! Acronis keeps your data safe & your business up and running. Let us help. View Pricing Have a Question? Your business needs a strong backup solution. Simply backing up your data isn’t enough: you need to actively protect it.Data breaches are too expensive for businesses to ignore. In the face of malicious activity or catastrophe, secure backups can be the difference that keeps...

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Office Protect

Office Protect Easy security management forMicrosoft 365! Protect your business from potentialbreaches and human error. Let us help.Have a Question?Stay safe in the cloud. Office Protect is a Microsoft 365 add-on designed to increase your cyber safety.It allows you to easily implement recommended security settings, threat prevention, monitoring and reporting and provides an extra layer of defence against malicious attacks and unintentional breaches.Why your Microsoft 365...

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Bitdefender security suites

Bitdefender 2021 security suites Meet the next generation of AI-powered antivirus with layered endpoint security Let us help.Have a Question?Powerful threat protection. Accurate and light. The last thing you need is an antivirus that slows down your systems or tells you that you have a vulnerability when you really don’t. Bitdefender blocks the most sophisticated ransomware and 0-day threats without the headaches. No solution is more reliable, more accurate, or has a lower resource...

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Nimble CRM

Nimble CRM Get started today with CRM designed for small businesses.Let us help. View Pricing Have a Question? Have you heard about Nimble? It's a smarter way to manage customer relationships!Get better insights on your prospects to close more deals and save time with Nimble.Stop wasting your precious time searching your inbox or spreadsheets for valuable customer information. Nimble is a social sales and marketing CRM that will collect...

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