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A Logo Design for
Countryview Homes

Countryview Homes is a father-son operated construction company based out of Roblin, Manitoba. Lester Goossen, CEO, has been in construction since 1980, and is a professional draftsman. James Goossen, Lester's son, has been in construction since 2002 and is a Red Seal Carpenter and an ACI Certified Concrete Finisher.

A Logo Design for  Countryview Homes

Why did Countryview Homes need a new logo?

Countryview Homes did not have a real logo for their company. They wanted something to begin their branding. The new logo would express not only their work as home builders, but also the fact that they are based outside of Roblin, Manitoba in the country.

We suggested an idea of wrapping a house around their business name. We would then add in some spruce trees to illustrate their name in an icon. Thus we have a home in the country. The colors were changed from the original concept to be much more earth tones with a standard brown, green and blue.

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