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Branding & Marketing—How Do I Get More Traffic on my Social Media Platforms? 

Advertising through social media is a great way to reach existing or potential clients 24/7. Knowing how to manage your social media platforms is an important asset in your marketing toolbelt. 

Can You Be Found Online?

The first step is to check if your social media links can be found on your other platforms, such as your website. Having social media link plug-ins can help migrate website clients over to all of the social media platforms you have listed. 


Quality Over Quantity

When you post to social media, you’ll want to remember that quality content is more important than the amount of content you are posting. You want to always keep your followers engaged and excited about your brand, but posting your 18th Facebook post about your fundraiser isn't the way to do it. Sproutsocial gave us some insights as to how much you should be posting on each platform: 

  • Post on Facebook 3-10 times a week 
  • Tweet at least 5 times a day 
  • Instagram around 1.5 times a day 
  • Post on LinkedIn 2-5 times a week 


Is Your Profile Complete?

Another important detail that can be missed is your social media profile. Checking to see that your profile is completed is a good habit. This gives your customers as much info as possible such as your contact information, store hours, a snippet about your brand, and location. 


Think Visual!

Engage your audience! Posting visual content is a simple way to catch your customer's attention. Besides, even adults would rather read a picture book, so you should be applying the same aspect to your social media pages! Engaging your audience doesn’t just stop there! Having fun contests or giveaways is a great way to get your clients to advertise your social media. Giving your clients an incentive to advertise your brand is an effective way to reach people outside of your client base and to keep your customers coming back for more! 


Check out our social media management and advertising pages to get started today!