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5 steps to accomplish your Dreams

It is hard to think that winter is almost here. It is crazy how it just sneaks up on us. We were just relaxing on the beach, hiking the mountains, or shopping in our t-shirts and masks.

Yet here we are looking towards fall and then Christmas. Are you ready?

We wanted to put together some ways that you can help get ahead of the holiday season this year.

  1. Pick one
  2. Write it out
  3. Set goals
  4. Put it into action
  5. Adjust

Pick One

We often have a lot of dreams and if you are like us at all you will have hundreds of ideas to chase. These ideas, although they may be awesome, can also distract us enough that we don’t accomplish anything. So for this season just choose one idea. What is one idea that you want to follow-up on this year?

Write it out

Great now you have the idea in your head? Write it out. Get it on paper, in a document, get it out of your head and into a working document so you can stare at it. Great ideas don’t just happen overnight, often we will see those ideas change and adapt over time as we think through them.

Set Goals

Now it is time to set some tangible goals. It can be as simple as to contact someone or as complex as writing a blog post, sketching a concept, or organizing your office.  The goal of the goals is to break your idea into easy steps. With each step you take, you tally another win, gaining confidence and carrying you farther towards your ultimate goal. The accomplishment of your idea.

Put it into action

You have your idea and your goals. Now is the easy part. Start checking off your goals. Make a chart with your goals on it and cross off each one as you accomplish them. Need more motivation? Add a cupcake, coffee, or bran muffin at the end of each goal.


With any road trip, you have a plan and destination in mind, however, there are always bumps in the roads and detours that are needed. Include flexibility in your plan that your ideas may change. When you start out you may plan to go to see Times Square, but on your way there you discover a sweet little coffee shop.

Keep in mind. The goal here is to adjust your idea, to fully explore it. If you explore your idea and it turns out to be a bad one, perfect! Now you can let it go and free up that space in your brain for the next one. If you explore that idea and it turns out to be a great one, now you have a solid foundation under it.

Next Steps

Now is the tricky part, are you ready to get started? Get started on your next idea with confidence and support. Make sure to comment below, you don’t have to share your idea, but let us know where you are at. Have you found your idea, wrote out your goals, accomplished your dreams?

You can do this.