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Creating a Custom Font for @OurCrazyRV

As we’ve been working through another busy year, our team has been chipping away at creating a custom font for @OurCrazyRV. Our former graphic designer, Jeanne, created the graphics and styling for Our Crazy RV’s branding. We loved the playful custom-drawn type Jeanne designed so much that we wanted to expand it to an entire typeface! Our graphic designer, Hannah, took on the task.

What is Our Crazy RV?

Our Crazy RV was created by the founder and CEO of Bankert Marketing, Richard Bankert. Richard's family loves to explore and share their adventures as they travel around the globe. They hope to inspire you to chase your dreams by joining them in Our Crazy RV.

What Goes Into Making a Font?

There is a lot of fundamentals that go into making a custom font. The key to having a consistent and legible font is to understand how you structure the layout of each character. 

The most important items you need to be aware of when making a font are:

Baseline: The ‘shelf’ where the bottom of each letter should rest.

Overhang: Rounded bottoms of letters like O and B that dip just below the baseline.

X-Height: The line representing the height of most lowercase letters.

Cap Height: The line representing the height of most capital letters.

Ascender Height: Limits the very tip of lowercase letters such as “k”.

Descender Height: The length of descending marks from characters like “y” and “q”.

Once we had the grid structure correct for the characters, we took it to a font creation software. Here we were able to fine-tune our elements and tweak the small details. Finally, we have the finished ‘Our Crazy RV’ font! We loved how this font came to life through Jeanne’s vision, keeping a perfect match between those fun nights around the campfire and travelling on the road!

To say thank you for checking us out, we would like to share @OurCrazyRV’s font with you, completely free! All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter! You will receive an email instructing you how to download our font.