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Meet the next generation of AI-powered antivirus with layered endpoint security

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Powerful threat protection.
Accurate and light.

The last thing you need is an antivirus that slows down your systems or tells you that you have a vulnerability when you really don’t. Bitdefender blocks the most sophisticated ransomware and 0-day threats without the headaches. No solution is more reliable, more accurate, or has a lower resource footprint than Bitdefender!

Nothing comes close to Bitdefender

Powerful but light

Proven to have the lowest system impact, Bitdefender always scores best on independent tests for protection and performance.

One suite to do it all

Bitdefender is both antivirus and antimalware, so you only need one cyber security solution. You can further enhance its powerful base functions with add-ons.

Easy deployment

No security server needed. Bitdefender automatically uninstalls competing endpoint solutions and provides a mass remote deployment mechanism for fast and simple rollout.

Core security layers

Bitdefender protects all your endpoints in physical, virtual and cloud environments. Here’s how its features keep your devices safe through threat prevention, detection and protection:

Combined antivirus/antimalware

Bitdefender is a complete cyber security suite that mitigates breaches, simplifies deployments and cuts costs. It blocks new threats while reducing the rate of false positives.

Advanced anti-exploit

Bitdefender quickly responds to 0-day attacks and catches known and unknown exploits by focusing on attack techniques.

Continuous process monitoring

Bitdefender Process Inspector monitors running processes for malicious behavior. You’ll have round-the-clock protection against attacks and malware.

Content control

Schedule or configure this control to block URLs by category using a block/allow exclusions table.

Device control

Choose which devices and device types can run and which will be blocked or scanned automatically.

Bitdefender Antivirus is available for:


Optional security layers

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Advanced Threat Security

Full Disk Encryption

Patch Management

Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE)

Security for Exchange

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