Our Affiliate Program

We are very excited to launch our new affiliate program. Why are we excited? Because it's a chance for us to give EVEN MORE back to you, our wonderful clients.

If you weren’t already aware, we currently have a referral program in place which provides you with a $50 credit as a thank-you for mentioning us. However, we recently sat down and thought about how we could make the deal even sweeter for you. Because after all, you work hard for your money and you deserve more of it. That’s when the idea came to us and we were able to create a program that doesn’t just thank you once, but one that continues to clap long after you have left the room.

How does The Affiliate Program work?

Four simple steps:

1. Apply

Using the form below enter in your details to join the program.

4. Earn even more

If your friend signs up for one of our managed plans, we will continue to give you up to $5 per month into your account as long as they are signed up for the plan.

2. Earn $50

When you direct new business to us we will still give you a crisp $50 bill in your account.

3. Give $50

To help you out when talking with your friends we will also give them a $50 credit in their account.

Step 1: Apply

Using the form below, enter your details and join the program.

Step 2: Earn $50

Just like the referral program, when you direct new business to us we will deposit a crisp $50 bill into your account.

Step 3: Give $50

Each client you refer will also receive a $50 credit into their account.

Step 4: Earn even more

If a client you refer signs up for one of our managed plans, for each month they are signed up you will receive up to $5 credit in your account.

To get started, fill out the following application and let us know why you would make a great affiliate. There is no minimum sales volume, and you don’t have to answer a skill testing question, but you do need to love our services and love earning extra money.

Affiliate Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply. We don’t promise to accept everyone, but everyone is welcome to apply. 

How much can I make?

Other than the initial $50 you can earn up to $5/month. The amount that you earn is dependent on the plan that your friend signs up for.  

  • $39/month = $1/month to you
  • $59/month = $2/month to you
  • $79/month = $3/month to you
  • $99/month = $4/month to you
  • $149/month = $5/month to you
How am I paid?

The money that you earn from the program is given to you in the form of a credit on your account. This can be used to lower your own website costs, applied to print design and marketing or save up enough and shoot your own video. It is available for any service we offer, but will not be exchanged for cash value in the form of funding advertising dollars for marketing campaigns.  

What about past leads?

We very much appreciate sales that you have sent our way in the past, however previous leads are not included, these are for new leads moving forward.

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