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Custom Videography

Attract more customers with high quality videos.

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Blackscreens & Interviews

Interview videos capture a subject discussing a particular topic. In this example, Bill is talking about the community of Dauphin, Manitoba and his experience with the Dauphin & District Community Foundation.

Real Estate Promotional Videos

Real Estate videos are a great way to showcase a home. They provide the viewer with a virtual walkthrough of the property, and sometimes includes a host who shows the home to the viewer the same way a real estate agent would show the home to a potential buyer. In our example we have a home built by Dean Zimmer Construction, who wanted to showcase their work along with the layout of the home.

Product Videos

Product videos are the perfect way to display your product, how to use it, or to build excitement around your brand. In our example we worked with Reit-Syd Equipment to show off their 800 turbo John Deere sled.
We have worked on a very diverse scope of video projects, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.