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We give small businesses the power to be seen and heard online. View Our Work Creative Creative in our solutions. Honest Transparent in our process. Committed Committed to your success. Web Design We specialize in managed website plans tailored specifically to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Your business is always changing, and your website should reflect that. Read...

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Our Work 730 CKDM 5'1 Perspective Amy Rae Maker Asessippi Countryfest Race RMNP Action Realty Discover The Pas OCN Full Throttle Networks Grand Vieux Liquor Co. ...

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Remote Support

Remote IT Support Services If you have been asked to login to our support portal please click on the link below. If you are in need of remote support services please contact us so we can arrange a service call. Support Portal Have a Question?

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Testimonies What people are saying about Bankert Marketing Bankert Marketing is one of the very few places locally that has the staff and logistics in place to handle large clients. Kamryn Winters - Dauphin's Countryfest | Country on the Bay | Rockin' the Fields of Minnedosa "Bankert Marketing is one of the very few places locally that has the staff and logistics in place to handle large clients. They can handle multiple things at once and...

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Refer a Friend To Our Current Clients: Send this page to your friends and ask them to contact us using the form below. With our referral program, a $50 credit will be given to both you and your friend when they sign up for our services. You can use the button below to copy the link to this form. Copy text function myFunction() { var copyText = document.getElementById("myInput");; copyText.setSelectionRange(0, 99999) document.execCommand("copy"); } To Our Clients'...

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LastPass This password management tool will store your passwords in a safe vault that your staff can access at any time.Let us help. View Pricing Have a Question? Still trying to remember the hundreds of passwords your staff uses every day? LastPass will fix that. People have too many passwords! Never lose a password again with LastPass. Your staff probably uses a lot of passwords every day to access all the applications...

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signNow signNow will gather legally binding signatures for your clients’ documents in just minutes. This electronic signature tool is fully compliant and designed for today’s remote worker. Let us help. Have a Question? (833) 226-5378 Did you know that the market for electronic signature solutions is booming? Recent statistics show that more than 6 million people use signNow every day. Gathering signatures for your company’s...

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Letssignit Create, assign and manage all your employees’ email signatures and add targeted marketing banners. Let us help. Have a Question? (833) 226-5378 Leverage a centralized interface to easily create and manage the email signatures of all your employees. Stop getting worked up about your signatures! Letsignit provides a Drag & Drop Editor: simplicity of use, no need for HTML skills. Take advantage of...

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Manitoba Market Closure

As of May 3, 2021, The Manitoba Market is closed and our website,, is offline. We would like to thank everyone who shopped locally using The Manitoba Market, and we would also like to thank our vendors for being a part of this project. It was great to see everyone come together to support local businesses. However, we have decided to stop developing this project as it does not align with our new company vision and we want to spend more time focusing on our clients. For this...

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Membership Websites

Membership Websites Want to receive increased revenue for your services?Expand your existing website to include membership systems. Let us help. Have a Question? (833) 226-5378 When you’re an entrepreneur, diversification matters! Expanding your website to include membership systems can provide your business with increased income. Membership websites are critical to the continuing success of your business. Provide...

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