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Print Design—Where Do I Need to Advertise my Logo to Get the Best Results? 

Just received your brand-new logo, or still, love your current one? Your logo is a key ingredient to the marketing of your brand. It’s what your customers will remember and recognize. So now that you have a logo, what do you do with it? Where can you advertise it to get the best results for your marketing strategy? 

Social Media Profiles and Headers 

Social media is one of the first platforms your potential clients will check. When they pop onto your social media pages, the cohesion of your brand increases drastically when you have the same logo on your profiles! Having a variety of formatted logos is important so you can use them for profile pictures, headers, ads and posts.  Products and



If you sell products, putting your logo on your packaging is an easy way to incorporate your logo into the marketplace. Whether its business cards, product labels, boxes, etc. 


Documents and Emails 

You can set up an email signature that incorporates your business logo or use it on letters or invoices. It’s a simple, yet effective way to show credibility for your brand. When your client receives documents with your brand logo, you boost the professionalism of your business. 


Clothing and Apparel 

What brand doesn’t love a win-win situation? Putting your logo on apparel can have a huge impact on the success of your brand. Advertisements on clothing is basically a walking billboard; your clients spread your brand to other potential clients when they wear your clothingWhether its shooting them out of a t-shirt cannon at a hockey game, or a fun incentive for purchase, getting your clothing out there has bever been easier! 


There are so many platforms available to advertise your brand logo. What matters the most is that you're taking advantage of as many as possible.