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Website Growth—How Do I Get My Website Noticed?

Having a successful website isn't just about letting your customers come to you. It's about marketing yourself to stand out from other websites and interacting from your website. So how do you get yours noticed? 


With billions of websites competing on the internet, how can you get yours to stand out? Boosting the publicity of your website doesn’t have just one answer. It’s a variety of tacticsOptimizing your site so it can be found by search engines or provide interesting content for visitors to read once they get to your site is just one of many resources you can use. 

Meta tag everything! 

Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page's content. These are important to use when you want to show up in a search engine. Although your clients won't see the meta tags as they are only in the page's code, they will help the search engine understand what your site is about.  

Say your client searches up 'coffee shop', the sites that have keywords relating to coffee, espresso, café, shop, etc. will show up on their search page. Having accurate keywords that describe your site is very important! 


Try your hand at blogging 

Everybody loves fresh, new and updated content. But how do you continually update the content already posted on your website? Sometimes that can be difficult without throwing in a repost here and there. The easiest way to post new content is to write blog posts! This can be beneficial to your website getting noticed, as well as advertise what your business has been up to. This resource can help you reach other customers as you provide them with more content other than your preexisting website.  


Take the advertising into your own hands

In this generation, social media is your best friend. Social media is a great outlet to take advantage of when you're wanting to increase traffic to your website. Why not put the name of your website out on Facebook or other apps, you don’t need to just keep the content on your site. Maximize your exposure! 


Study your stats 

Understanding what your customer experiences on your site is important when you want to know how to improve your website. Here are some good questions to get your foot in the door: 

  • How many people are visiting? 
  • What are they looking at? 
  • How much are they reading?
  • How long are they staying? 

Studying this information can lead you in two directions. You can either tweak the content and keywords on your least popular pages to see if you can increase traffic to themor figure out what content on your website is popular and drive extra content to that demand on your site. 


Engage Your Users 

User experience is important! You want your existing website visitors to keep coming back. Or even better, recommend your site to a friend! Having a website where clients can easily access your information is great, but how do you keep them engaged?  


Using images, infographics, or videos is very effective in getting your clients hooked to the content on your site. Besides, you can never go wrong with splitting up wordy articles with a fun video or image. Even better, you can now continue to add meta descriptions to your photos and videos to generate a stronger description for your search engine to rank you on. 


It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint 

Not seeing the results you want overnight? Don’t lose hope, it's not going to be instant. Increasing the noticeability of your site requires a long-term plan. Focusing on a consistent posting schedule, advertising your website on other platforms, and creating new and updated content are great ways to increase the traffic to your website. 

When you can see the increase in results from your website, ask yourself, what is going right and what isn't? Constantly checking on your site analytics is key to improving the success of your website in the long run.