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5 Money Making Tactics for Your Website in 2021

Making money from your website isn’t a myth. It’s doable by anyone! One of the most time-proven ways to make money online is through your very own website. Everybody wants to improve their website coming into the new year! So let's discuss some money-making ways to incorporate into your website!

Blog, Blog, Blog!

A lot of people start a blog as a way to express their views or use as a creative outlet. Once you have a trustworthy blog that gets a large amount of traffic you’ll have many opportunities to monetize your site.

Remember that it’s important to have a long-term vision. You won’t make money right away, but, as your writing improves, your skills grow, and your site picks up more traffic.


Incorporate an Affiliate Site

An affiliate marketing site is built upon recommending or reviewing certain products. When a reader buys that product through your link, you’ll receive a commission.

To start your affiliate marketing website, join an affiliate program that fits your site’s niche.


Build an eCommerce Website

eCommerce sites have exploded in popularity in the most recent years. There are multiple platforms dedicated to creating an eCommerce site, and it couldn’t be easier! Contact us today to help you get started!


Create a Membership Website

People are already visiting your website because they like your content. Creating a membership section of your site that offers premium content is a great way to intrigue your customers.

Now, every single person who visits your site won’t take you up on the offer, but your dedicated fans will find it irresistible. Check out our Membership Website page to learn more.


Advertise and Sell Your Services

Create a few pages telling people who you are, the services you provide and showcase a few examples of your work and watch your website traffic increase!

You can start generating leads for your new service business by engaging in guest blogging, podcast interviews, or even cold outreach.


From all of us at Bankert Marketing, we wish you a safe and healthy New Year.