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What is the front-end/back-end of Joomla?

What is the front-end/back-end of Joomla? I am often asked this question by clients who are new to dynamic websites. When you create a Joomla website you can think of it as creating two websites.

  • The first is the front-end or public web site that is accessed by typing in your url (
  • The second is the back-end or administrator web site that is accessed by typing in (

NOTE: If you have developed your website with Richard Bankert Web Design typing in ( may not take you to your login screen as your administrator page is hidden via a special script.

It is possible to do some administrative functions from the front-end of your website. These functions may vary depending on your particular set of extensions. For a simple install you will be able to change your links, articles, add new articles, and edit your own profile details.

The back end is where most of your site changes can and should be made. Note that the back end of your website is quite simple to navigate and manage. It can also be a place where you can damage your website so if you have a question about the back-end of your Joomla install please contact us.

The first thing you will notice is the quick links buttons. From here you manage existing articles, your front page (or landing page), sections, categories, your media, languages, and change your global configurations. Above the quick links you will also see a menu bar that contains all the available options in the back-end.

We will not discuss the back end in Joomla here, but will create a new post for that that you can find here once I have created it. Need some help with your Joomla install or need a new website? Fill out my quote form or drop me a comment below.

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