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Joomla Updates and Website Management

No one wants to deal with a hacked website. It's messy, stops business and can damage your reputation for a long time.

Check out some features of having us monitor and update your website as a part of our monthly security package. Start protecting your Joomla website today with our complete solution. 


System Firewall

We install a firewall on your Joomla website to protect your website from Joomla! RCE vulnerabilities.

Secure Your Website

We will audit and secure your website with the best industry practices including two-step verification for super users, fixing out-of-date plugins and much more. 

Website Backups

We will ensure your website has complete protection with regular backups of your website. 

Joomla Updates

We will update your website with the latest version of Joomla right after it comes out. Unless it has bugs... then we wait until it's working right again before upgrading. 

Website Monitoring

Ensure your website is not hacked with up-to-date file integrity and permission monitoring. Giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your visitors are directed to your actual website.

Website Mentor

If we see things that would help you out, we'll let you know. There are always lots of tweaks that will help improve your website.