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New Logo Design For Dauphin Bible Camp

This camp logo design created in Adobe Illustrator incorporates a ranch style. The horse represents Dauphin Bible Camp’s horse program and ranch. The horsemanship program has been running for over 40 years, along with a side summer camp as an opportunity for kids to learn to ride.   Hills are included to hint at the location of the camp. Located just south of Dauphin on the Northern slopes of the Riding Mountain National Park.    Dauphin Bible Camp is a place to meet God through His Word and...

New Logo Design For Hearthstone Estates

This real estate logo design created in Adobe Illustrator incorporates a luxurious style. The growing tree represents Hearthstone Estate's efficient and carefree perspective. The tones of orange represent the warmth of a cozy home.    Hearthstones Estates is a serene and luxurious place to have your home. With welcoming and beautiful living units.    Rebranding can be a big project, but we are here to help!  Click here to get your logo started to...

New Logo Design For MI Hair Studio

This salon logo design created in Adobe Illustrator incorporates a professional style. The simplicity of this logo was chosen to represent the classy and trustworthy nature of the salon. MI studio has services and products for anyone in the family. To send this message we chose to keep the colour scheme neutral.     Michelle Ives Hair Studio is a home-based Hair Studio. Offering a full range of hair services for the whole family.    Rebranding...

New Logo Design For Parkland Spray Foam

This spray foam logo design created in Adobe Illustrator incorporates a clean style. The leaves coming out of the spray foam gun represents the environmentally friendly product used. Each barrel of Insulthane foam contains over 3700 recycled PET plastic water bottles saving energy and waste.      Parkland Spray Foam is proud to be The Parkland's residential, commercial, industrial and institutional spray foam insulators. Parkland Spray Foam is proud to use Elastochem's industry-leading Insulthane;...

New Logo Design For Payday Financial

This financial logo design created in Adobe Illustrator incorporates a trustworthy and professional style. The hand holding the bills represents the easy and safe method they provide when applying for a loan. Also showing the reality that when you need money when you need it, not in a few days.   A calming dark green is used to represent a secure guarantee when applying for a loan online.       Payday Financial has offered online payday loans across Canada for close to 10 years, they know how...

New Logo Design For Riding Mountain Marathon

This outdoor sports logo design created in Adobe Illustrator incorporates fun and adventurous style. The hills, trees and paths are to represent the location of the marathon. Held in Wasagaming (Clear Lake), the heart of Riding Mountain National Park.    Blues and greens are used to give a taste of what nature is like up in the park. Fresh, serene and earthy.      The Dauphin Rotary Club working closely with Parks Canada is excited to bring you the Riding Mountain ½ Marathon, 10K, & 5K!...

New Logo Design For Rowan Tree Therapy Services

This therapy services logo design created in Adobe Illustrator incorporates a calming and freeing style. The blooming of the tree symbolizes growth, strength, stability and change. Promoting an openness to vulnerability and being your true self.   The calming greens and browns illustrate a safe, comfortable, confidential and environment.      Rowan Tree Therapy Services builds connections and creates a sense of hope for each individual and their situation. Treatment decisions will be carefully...

Nicki Loewen Gluten Free Baking Logo Design

We are please to work with Nicki Loewen Gluten Free Baking to design her new baking logo. Nicki was looking for something simple with a realistic pinup style design with easy to read writing or cursive. Am important part was the sexy woman baker with a chefs hat, bowl and spoon. Are you looking for a new logo?

Parkland Sprayfoam Logo Design

When it comes to logo design, nothing is more important than the color palette. The colors you choose are truly the “make or break” factor in any logo. Dull, boring colors can make your logo bland and unmemorable, while vibrant and energetic colors can make your logo pop off the page.

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