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Looking for a new name? Needing some help getting started? We have the experience to create a brand for you that stands out from the competition!

Let us help you get started!

What is the role and importance of branding?

Representing yourself and your business goes beyond a good logo. Good branding increases the value of your business, creates a lasting impression with customers, and represents you in a positive light.

Confidence and Comfort

A positive branding image gives confidence to your customers as they feel that the brand is genuine and clear in it's vision. You are passionate about your products or services, that should be felt through your branding.

Create a Consistent Brand

It allows people to see the type of company you are, and what to expect from you. Clear and consistent branding gives you a high-quality image because as we all know, people DO judge a book by its cover.

creating your brand

Create Your New Brand

Looking for a new name? Needing some help getting started? We have the expertise to create a brand for you that stands out from the competition. Let us help you get started!

  • Customer analysis

  • Name and tagline development

  • Key messaging

  • Brand strategy

  • Product identity and packaging

  • Brand marketing and advertising

  • Website development and content

refreshing your brand

Refresh Your Brand

Have your brand but looking for a tuneup? We can help you unify your branding throughout all platforms, and provide new information to keep your brand up to date.

  • Customer and marketplace opportunities

  • Name and tagline development

  • Brand repositioning

  • Key messaging updates

  • Brand strategy and roadmapping

  • Brand identity design tuneup

  • Marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Website development and content

creating your brand

Grow Your Brand

Grow your brand with new development ideas as well as taking elements of your brand to the next level. We can help you take your brand to where you want it.

  • Customer and marketplace analysis

  • Key messaging opportunities

  • Brand strategy and development

  • Production efficiency analysis

  • Marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Website review and improvement research


The Barkland Brand

This playful rebrand identity was a project for Barkland, a pet resort and crematorium for dogs and cats. Barkland is not just a boarding kennel, but an extension of your family. The pup in the logo is designed to show that Barkland is your country home for your fur children. When they can’t go with you, there is no where else they would rather be but in a safe, fun atmosphere where your pet comes first.
Branding Window Decal
Branding Vehicle Wrap
Branding Hoodie