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Search Engine Optimization and Paid Google Ads Which is the right one for your business…

SEO and Google Ads…If the terms leave you dazed and confused, read on, as we try to solve the mystery of which one to use for your business. 

Let’s start by defining the terms…

A web-site is not very useful if your current, or potential customers cannot find it.  Enter SEO.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of ensuring your web-site ranks high in search results when users are searching for specific words. 

Google Ads are paid advertisements that appear on Google search pages, and other Google networks.  It is the process of bidding on certain words that users are already searching for.  As a business, you pay when someone clicks on your web-site link that is included in the ad (pay-per-click).

Now that we know the definitions, let’s go over the advantages of each one:


Advantages of SEO:

Low cost solution – SEO does not cost a thing, except for the time spent to optimize your web-site, (or paying an outside source to do it).

Targeted approach – If you place a billboard ad on a busy street, do you know how many of your target customers are actually looking at it?  SEO allows you to target your customers when they are already on-line and are already considering purchasing goods and services related to your industry.  You therefore have a greater chance of converting “searchers” into customers.


Advantages of Google Ads:

Immediate Reaction – The greatest advantage of Google Ads is that it works much faster than SEO, in terms of increasing traffic to your web-site and generating leads.  Search Engine Optimization is a longer process that requires well-written content, appropriate  keywords and the patience of waiting for Google to find and index your site.

Immediate Visibility – With the right keywords, and budget, your Google ad can be placed at the top of the search page, giving your web-site immediate visibility to potential customers.

Control and Transparency – With Google Ads, you have control over which keywords to bid on as well as the ability to turn your campaign off and on as needed.  In addition, the results of your ads can be easily tracked in terms of the number of visitors to your web-site, what pages they interacted with and how long they visited your site.


So which one do you need for your business?

If you have a web-site, you need to have search engine optimization. Users are already actively searching for products, services and information on-line, and if your web-site is optimized correctly, they will hopefully find your web-site quicker than they find your competitors.  SEO is considered a long-term solution, and if optimized correctly, will eventually drive consumers to your web-site, if that is your business goal.

If you are looking for immediate results, and you have the budget, paid Google Ads could be a solution for your business, in addition to search engine optimization.  To determine if Google Ads could work for your business, ask yourself these questions: Are my customers online?  Are the keywords that would be used for my business being searched online?  Are my competitors using Google Ads?


Are you ready to get started on the next step? Drop us a note and we can help you plan your SEO or Google Ad strategy. 


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