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How to auto populate fields with user data using php in RSForm Pro

Today I'm looking at RSForm Pro. What we want to do is want to auto populate the fields with user data after they have logged in and are ready to fill out the form. To do this we have to go to RSForm Pro in the back-end of Joomla and click manage my forms. On the front end I have already created a menu link to an existing form. By default the email field is blank, but we want the users email to be filled in for them. To do this we will go to the form in the backend, open manage forms, and then...

How to automatically logout a user when they submit a form - RSForm Pro Joomla

This technique can be used on absolutely any form you want, but what we want to do is automatically log out the user after they submit a form. To do this we are using RSform Pro and the Quick Logout component in Joomla 2.5.The first thing I’ve done is I downloaded and installed Quick Logout. Now you’re going to create a new menu item. Just call it logout and link it to the menu item quick logout and the redirect page is going to be to our thank you page. To create your own thank-you page go into...

How to hide conditional fields in an RSForm Pro Email

Good morning, Merry Christmas and all that fun stuff! Welcome to Richard Bankert Web Design Tutorials. Today we are looking at RSForm Pro and we had a question here: How do I make the Email to the Customer admin with different values? We were talking about conditional forms when this question was asked. So, I’m going to cover this topic. If you are looking for something different, then leave another comment below and we’ll make another tutorial on that. So, in this tutorial what we are going...

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