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Why do I get Database connection error (1): The MySQL adapter 'mysqli' is not available.

When there is nothing wrong with my installation folder. I am using XAMPP.


I struggled with this for a day when I suddenly got this error on my local xampp server. After finding out bits and pieces from various forums here is how I fixed it.

First I made a back-up of my xampp folder.
Then I went into the xampp folder, non back-up folder, and renamed the php folder to php-old
Then I installed xampp over top (it did keep all my files and databases so I did not lose them, no promises though so thus the back-up folder in step one.)
Up and running with no errors.

The apparent conflict is somewhere in the php file. Option #2 is to download a new version of PHP and copy the files directly over the php files. I can't really comment on it though as I have not tested it. Just an option if you are more comfortable doing that :)
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Well,the version of nginx which I use is 1.5.3, and the version of PHP is 5.4.31
the version of joomla is v3.3.3

the file configuration.php doesn't contains "public $dbtype = 'mysqli'"
what should I do?

the problem still exist
I solved this problem by:

Open configuration.php and change this line:
public $dbtype = 'mysqli';
to this
public $dbtype = 'mysql';

thanks to this site:

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