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Not in love with your social media? – 10 ways to improve your social media this year

Social media can be a struggle.  It’s a marathon of engagement, insights and interactions, on top of juggling the day to day tasks of being a business owner.  Social media marketing can seem like a daunting task, but if done correctly, can reap benefits and rewards for your business.  It’s a proven and effective way to find new customers and connect with existing customers.  All you need is focus and strategy, mixed in with a little originality and creativity. 

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to improve your social media strategy.

1. Post consistently

Social media platforms reward sites that post consistently.  And the more you post, the more your business is front and center and the more likely your brand will be implanted in people’s minds.  On average, you should be posting 3-5 posts/tweets per week on the platforms that work for your business.

Also pay attention to what you are posting, and be sure that your content is consistent with previous posts and your overall brand message.  Don’t confuse them – or you may end up losing them!

2. Provide value

Before you post, ask yourself this question – Will my post educate, inspire or entertain?  Posting for the sake of posting is really a waste of everyone’s time, and let’s face it, if your audience is not interested, they will keep on scrolling.  Providing content that shows you are an expert in your industry, or that simply generates a smile or a laugh, will keep them coming back for more.  They need content that adds value to their lives in order to fall in love with your brand.  Try posting Tips, FAQ’s, Did You Know’s and Testimonials.

3. Be yourself

In other words – be human at all costs.  Today’s consumers are looking for authenticity.  They want to know the people behind the brand.  Pull back the curtains and let them in by posting behind the scenes shots and even the small imperfections that make up your day to day life.

4. Interact with your audience

Even though the world has gone digital, as humans, we are still looking for human interactions.  We’re just turning to social media to do it.  Interact with your audience by asking them questions and creating content that compels them to engage with your post.

5. Time your content

Schedule your posts when your followers are on-line.  It’s that easy.  And with all of the insights and analytics tools provided by all of the platforms, it’s easy to compile this info and use it to your advantage.

6. Review

Insights without action is worthless.  Simply posting and hoping for the best is not an effective marketing strategy.  Instead, monitor and review which platforms are performing better and which posts earned the biggest impression and the most interaction.  Use this information to make changes and create content that your audience is most interested in.  

7. Be relevant

If you sell shoes, don’t post about being an expert in fixing cars.  Now more than ever, consumers are loyal to specific brands.  How do you build brand loyalty?  Be consistent in what you say and do.  Build trust and they will keep coming back for more.  Communicate how your product or service can benefit their lives.

8. Don’t just sell

There’s a reason it’s called social media.  We use social media to be just that – social.  We want to connect and build relationships with others, not be sold to.  But if you, as a business owner, create content that entertains, adds value and engages your audiences, you can promote your business without your customers even knowing they are being promoted to.  Follow the rule that only 25% of your content should be promotional-based.  The rest should be educational and entertaining.

9. Create a posting schedule

80% of your posts should be pre-planned, with 20% being “live” or “in the moment.”  Think about any upcoming events, promotions, holidays or seasons that are coming up and write content ahead of time that will be relevant to that occasion.   Planning your content and committing to a calendar helps you stay focused and on track to meet your goals. 

If you need help visualizing this we have made a wonderful Social Media Posting Schedule Blank Template which you can download here. It also includes some simple notes with posting frequency and the 5/3/2 rule right on the template so you don't forget. 

Social Media Posting Schedule Blank Template
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06/02/2020 09:30:10

10. Get some help

If the idea of managing your social media accounts is overwhelming to you, or if you simply don’t have the time, we can help you achieve your goals.  And the best part?  We are extending our 10 Year Anniversary Promotion by offering 10% off social media management packages. Let’s talk about a social media strategy that will help you meet your goals.

Contact us right now. 

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