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#decadeofdesign - Celebrating 10 years!

It was January 20th 2010 when we switched from our hobby business of rbdesignit to the real deal sole proprietor business of Richard Bankert Web Design. 

When I (Richard) first began in web design we were working off dial up internet. Working on sites was slow, there was no call for video, animations or content management systems. Needless to say things were a little simpler then and expectations were simpler as well. 

In other ways things were a lot more complicated as well. Now we can do things in 10 minutes that would take all day back then. 

The first website I ever worked on was a tabled based image and text site for Dauphin Bible Camp. Everything had to be exact. There was no need for responsiveness or mobile friendly, it was simply a block of code on a CRT monitor. The biggest issue was dealing with the different browsers as back then they were worlds apart. What looked right on one browser was completely different on the next and so you spent a lot more time customizing for each browsers. Although we still get some of that today it is much better. 

However that time drove the desire to learn and grow and tackle larger and larger projects. 

Fast forward 10 years, thousands of projects, a name change and years of experience we are excited to be here. 

With our growing team we are looking forward to serving our clients for the next ten years and beyond. 

To celebrate we are simply giving 10% off certain fees till the end of January 2020. Lets get started on your first ten years and get your business off the ground with an awesome website, logo or social media campaign. 

Were excited you're here, lets get started right now. 

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