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Sending electronic newsletters may seem like “old school” to some, but considering that 90% of adults use e-mail, these tools should be a part of your marketing plan.  Sending newsletters to your customers can be a great way to stay connected, establish yourself as a leader in your field and inform customers of the latest happenings at your business.  And the best part of e-mail campaigns?  Your customers have chosen to receive the communication.  You now have a targeted and captive audience ready to read your content and, in the end, hopefully buy your products.   


But how do you find this captive audience?  Your company web-site is a good place to start.  Provide them with a form, or pop-up window, that they can easily fill out.  Or ask them to “opt in” after they have made a purchase.  Running social media campaigns where you ask followers to receive future communications works as well.  Provide them an incentive for signing up, such as a discount on products, or make it a special offer that only subscribers can access. 


Now that you have your e-mail list, it’s time to write compelling content that will motivate your readers to take an action.  Start by defining what you are hoping to accomplish with the newsletter.  Is it to announce a new development in your business, introduce a new product, or promote an upcoming event?  Once you have established your goals, the content should be easy to write. 


When it comes to content, keep in mind that your readers do not want to be “sold” to, but rather given content that is valuable to them and will help them in their everyday lives.  How is this accomplished?  Provide educational content that relates to your industry such as tips, trends and how-to’s.  Inspire them with moving testimonials from other satisfied customers.  And since your subscribers have chosen to hear from you, keep them up to date on what’s new at your company and what’s going on behind the scenes.  Compelling and entertaining content is the key to ensuring your readers don’t hit the “unsubscribe” button. 


Always include a Call to Action in every newsletter.  The whole point of the e-mail is to motivate readers to perform an action.  It could be something as simple as a “Learn More” button which will take them to a recent blog post, signing up for an event that you are hosting or a link to where they can buy products and services. 


Quick tips when writing your content: 

  • Pick a theme and keep it simple.  Your readers want content that they can read quickly. 
  • Don’t provide too many topics or your audience will be overwhelmed. 
  • Use creative subject lines that will compel them to open and read.  
  •  Place a “call to action button at the top or bottom of the newsletter. 
  •  Use a familiar “from” name so the e-mail doesn’t appear as spam. 
  • Once you have written your content, edit for errors and misleading information. 
  • Promote the newsletter on your social media channels. 
  • If you are using a platform that creates the campaign, use the analytics tool to review what content your audience is most engaging in so you know what content to write in the future. 


If electronic newsletters are a tool that you want to add to your marketing mix, contact us today and we can help you get started. 

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