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Skate and snowboard equipment in Dauphin, Manitoba

Who doesn’t like to Skate and snowboard? Granted, not everybody can, but everybody likes to at least watch the “pros” do it. Its a beautiful experience, high adrenaline, drawing crowds, all seasons. Parkland204 is a great Skate & Snow shop in Dauphin, Manitoba. With a great selection of shoes, skateboards, clothes, sunglasses and hats, it’s open Monday through Sunday. Even, when April comes, all remaining winter gear is on sale 50% off, but just for a week. So, check on the skate and snowboard website frequently for the lowest prices and the smartest time to buy. You can also check out their Facebook page, which has lots of info, videos and hang outs. We are proud to introduce their new blog style skate and snowboard website with a sweet header image slideshow, twitter feed, and more. All in a responsive design that fits your screen size. Now customers can be alerted to the latest product listings without having to call in to see what is available. Check it out at If You have a shop and would like to have a fancy web store, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line, or request a free Quote below. Thanks.