How We Used Video To Help The Manitoba Mudrun Engage With Their Audience

Ever since video content started becoming common on the internet, we’ve heard it’s the most engaging way to hold a user’s attention. Now, over a quarter of the way through 2019, does that still ring true?


According to an article in Forbes Magazine, users spend 88% more time on websites with video content than websites without video content. With statistics like that, it’s not really a viable option to continue neglecting to use video content on your site.

Back in March, we redesigned the Manitoba Mudrun website. With an event as action packed as the Manitoba Mudrun, we quickly decided the best way to showcase the event was by using video. Where did we put the video? Front and centre.

If you check out the site here, you’ll see that a video of the event starts playing as soon as you get to the site. This ensures that the user is immediately engaged with the content as soon as they arrive. After we had that in place, it looked pretty good, but we asked ourselves how we could use visuals to even further engage the user.

The answer?

Taking the user through the obstacle course itself. By laying out the “Obstacles” page like a map and filling it with engaging photos, we were able to show the user exactly what they can expect should they decide to sign up for the event.

Did you know that we do video production as well?

If you have an event, product or business that you would like to promote, contact us and ask how we can use video to help maximize your engagement.

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